Saturday, 31 December 2011

AMD Launching 7000 Series GPUs

So, with the news that AMD are now launching their next generation of GPUs around the 9th January, it seems an appropriate time to write a little on them.

We're currently looking at around £450-£500 retail prices here in the UK based on the speculation we've seen so far. They will be launching their 7970 flagship card first, with the 7950 allegedly coming shortly after.

A few different spec cards can be seen on a 'leaked' Sapphire image HERE, clearly showing variants of the 7970 with clock rates from 925Mhz to 1335Mhz and a decent 3GB of VRAM.

We've got people almost breaking 55K Vantage scores with overclocked cards now HERE and world records being taken already HERE.

These cards should turn out to be quite decent, though perhaps judgement should be reserved for when nVidia's Kepler cards go live? I know that's what I'm waiting on!

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