Monday, 11 June 2012

Palit Jetstream GTX 680 4GB Overview

Skyrim was proving incredibly demanding in the VRAM department due to the massive amount of higher definition textures I have installed now. Bearing in mind I'm also running triple 1080p screens the 2GB 680 couldn't handle them.

With the move up to 4GB came a few setbacks, a little less overclocking. The Jetstream does +100 core, the reference 680 did almost +200. That may have given the POV a slight fps boost over the Palit.

Aside from that though, I am very pleased with how quiet this card is, along with obviously the gain in memory size.

Skyrim now registers a decent 2.7GB of VRAM usage and a constant 60fps V-Sync'd.
Diablo III proves no issues for the card either. 60fps V-Sync'd across three screens with GPU usage sat at around 40-50% and temperatures no higher than 48 degrees!